Coffee – Analogy for how the world is interconnected

I’m okay… Why worry about the rest?

Coffee BusinessWe live with a contradiction in our life of being independent from everything else, separated and individual, if not alone. But the reality is we’re completely interconnected with everything on the planet and the universe. It’s only when we step back and see the world as a whole we start to grasp how we are but one part of a giant ecosystem.

Or you can take the time to look at something small, say your morning Café Latté. And follow the course of events that’s lead it to being the heart starter, conversation enhancer of your life.

Interconnect mundanity.

Just by taking the time to consider any product, service or interaction in your life you’ll soon see the complex interconnectedness you have, from deep in the middle of the giant web that is your existence in the world.

Here's How You Drive The Economics of Coffee

Helping those far away.

You’re not alone but part of the whole and as you act you impact the lives of others. When you have your morning coffee or any other act in your daily life you can choose to do good for others around you, even in a far off distant country.

What have you done and what more can you do?

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