Food. Is it an Experience or Just Nutrition?

New realities of an old concept.

Food has been with us since our distant ancestors absorbed it through cell membranes way back when we were pond scum on the recently habitable Earth. Back then food was simply nutrition for growth, energy and dodging falling meteorites. Then it became something more.

1920's Family Meal

1920’s Family Meal

Looking at the world differently means there are no sacred cows to opinion, belief or reality. Everything can be reassessed including something as simple as the food we eat.

You know the use of food as a cultural expression. It connects us in ways nothing else does. Connection between people from a birthday party to a United Nations conference will involve food in one way shape or form. Just imagine a world without the ritual of food and the eating of it. But it is still nutrition, and sometimes it’s too much of a good thing or as is often the case in a world of cheap mass produced food, too much of a bad thing.

Food for nutrition and food for culture.

Everything you need for a meal.

Okay we have the food for significant events sorted. There is no issue of creating as much quality food for all the events of our life as we want or need. But what about the more mundane times in our life where we just want to get on with it and it’s all about fuel and nutrition? And if people to date are grabbing fuel in the form of a greasy, cheap, mass produced burger with fries and a coke couldn’t we find something better?

Everything you need in a puce coloured drink.

Rob Reinehart has done just that. All the nutrition you need in one place and he’s tested it on himself. Rather than repeat the story here, there is a much better interview well worth a read on Vice. If you what to see the full list of ingredients have a look at Rob’s site and read of his experiences, advantages and warnings along with many comments worth reading.

Would you augment you diet with a product like this?

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