Free Will and Determinism

It’s never simple.

So you choose or don’t choose to watch this video. That’s free will… Well maybe not.

Free will…

The idea that if all events without exception are caused by antecedent events, such that any give state of affairs follows necessarily from prior causes.

Determinism say everything in your existence from before your birth to today will at some level consciously or unconsciously cause you to play or not play this video. So you have no free will but are just following the deterministic path to the inevitable.

Maybe it’s not as simple as what has been said in the deterministic discussion of free will and maybe we can’t even answer this question. Maybe it’s the wrong question to ask if we have or don’t have free will at all.

In this fascinating lecture what starts off showing that we certainly don’t have free will leaves the door somewhat open to being able to case decisions within the limitations of determinism.

Pull up a chair and watch this lecture.

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