It’s all shades of Grey

Age lessens the opinions.

The older I get and the more I learn, maybe, just maybe, amongst that knowledge, a little wisdom is arising. And my most profound wisdom (if any), is that nothing is simply yes or no, good or bad, black or white. It’s all shades of grey. The best I can do, is to lightly hold any opinion I have because it’s open to change with just the tiniest morsel of new knowledge.

Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin

People make the mistake of thinking holding a middle ground is not having an opinion but the point is the strongest, most powerful opinion you can have, is to know that whatever you choose at any time to think is the possibility is completely open to change with new knowledge, you just don’t have the knowledge yet.

Life isn’t binary.

So let’s let someone with a more literary style share what it’s like to sit on the fence.

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