One in Seven Billion

We can all be anything, if we put in the effort.

Really? Is that actually the case? …but it is what we’re told.

Every part of our modern culture reinforces the belief that we can be anything we choose.

Turn your mind to that “someone” you know, who has achieved beyond all odds. Where every indication of their life showed they would fail but despite this, through determination and acts of resilience, managed to beat the odds and achieve greatness.

You have no idea where it leads.

You have no idea where it leads.

Heck, if they can do it, from their disadvantaged legacy surely anyone can. And this is what we’re told. These people go out into the community, to tell their story and motivate others to “have a go” and achieve as they have done. But is this really a fair representation of the situation?

Chances are, if the odds are considered of a rare successful endeavour being several million to one against, someone, somewhere, amongst the seven billion of us, will just luck the particular set of circumstances to achieve any given situation. The same applies in reverse. With seven billion people even following the proven course of success, the odds are that someone will fail to achieve that guaranteed success, but you won’t hear about them, by definition, because they didn’t achieve what they set out to get. They are the silent ones. Worse still they are the ones who feel shamed by the success of the others mentioned above. The word we tag them with is failure.

With seven billion people on the planet, someone, somewhere, will have a set of opportunities to achieve the most obscure, eccentric and random success. And now with modern global digital communication, chances are even greater they’ll be noticed where once they would have been lost in the background of society. They’ll then be held up as the new poster boy/girl of success. Follow them and you too can have the same success as they achieved will be the clarion call! Really?

Those one in seven billion individuals may well have beaten the odds but not because of anything special, they just happened to be in an environment when the odds fell in their favour.
Sometimes it’s just a case of right place and right time.

Some call it Happenstance.

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