The Overview Effect

Maybe we need to see the world differently to have any affect on it.

Accepting we live on a spaceship called Earth

Looking differently at home.

…and to do that we need to look in a different way.

Since this famous Apollo 8 image showing the whole Earth in one frame we’ve started to see the world as it really is, and said by Bucky Fuller – Spaceship Earth.

Unfortunately however for those of us down here, we’re so enmeshed with our home planet it’s difficult for us to stand back and see it as a single ecosystem. Maybe Gaia Theory has a lot to reinforce it when we see our home planet as a single ‘organism’.

Moving away to see the whole.

The Continuum Project is showing what has been seen only by the ~500 people who’ve been to space but more importantly, what that experience has had on them and how to look at our home for the sake of everyone and everything’s future.

It’s an entirely different way at looking at our home.

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