It wasn’t me, it was my brain.

Ever touched the paint despite the sign saying it’s wet?

Why did you do that and not stop yourself from being so impulsive? Who was in control? The You who is the rational being or the “other” You who sometimes does the damnedest things? And who is the rational You anyway?Compassion

We’re all the sum total of our genetics and the experiences of our life and sometimes, for some of us, that means we do things which are not good. In fact, sometimes it can be very, very bad! And then we have to deal with the consequences of our actions as we take the blame for what happened.

Is anyone to blame?

But are we really to blame? For that matter, is anyone really to blame for anything that happens in their life? Sure, we can decide to do something which may eventually end up in tragedy but what caused us to make that decision?

Some people say we have the ability to choose the correct action and must suffer the consequences while others say there is no such thing as free will. If it’s not the sum total of our experiences and genetics, then what?

Dealing with Blame.

RadioLab explores the world of cause and effect and how much blame should or shouldn’t be attributed to people for their actions. They may not have all the answers but this podcast episode will cause you to wonder, just how much people are to be blamed for their actions… Even yourself for that matter.

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We sold our life for trinkets.

We should have less work and more enriching lives.

One of the greatest things I’ve had for most of my life, is the opportunity to make and create things. I’ve been a tradesman for nearly forty years and some of my work will live on for centuries.

Bucky Fuller free time through technology

We were promised time but we bought the baubles.

This was how it was for most people years ago. They made or participated in society for the good of themselves and others. They created and supported their community and felt a level of fulfilment beyond the effort and financial returns.

Then things changed…

Instead of taking the chance to evolve into a considered new way of life we bought the beads and blankets given to us with our servitude. Our life force is consumed in the workforce on worthless activity in exchange for money for the latest gadget or fancier house. We have been indentured to the ruling elite. The 1%.

Okay some of us are lucky and still create but not if we want to have all the trinkets. For that you must have a really worthwhile occupation, paying huge dividends and strip mining  your soul. A merchant banker can buy the latest widget but how hollow is his spirit?

These are the Bullshit Jobs.

David Graeber talks of in, Why, despite our technological capacities, are we not all working three- to four-hour days?

It’s as if someone were out there making up pointless jobs just for the sake of keeping us all working. And here lies the mystery. In capitalism, this is precisely what is not supposed to happen.
…this is the sort of very problem that market competition is supposed to fix. According to economic theory, at least, the last thing a profit-seeking business is going to do is shell out money to workers they don’t really need to employ. Still, somehow, it happens. [click to continue…]


Appreciating all that we have.

…we forget about our middle class problems and feel like millionaires.


I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

What would it mean to have a society where everything is able to be seen by anyone? I don’t intend this as some sort of generalisation, I mean literally! Everything you or I do is able to be seen by anyone who chooses. Radical I know!

Us & Them

Us & Them

Now I get it, the first reaction is one of aversion. But for a moment just think about it. The vast majority of the things we do, no one cares about. And we all do things from time to time that we’re glad no one else gets to see or know about but that’s the same for everyone. We’ve all made mistakes and if someone’s  a victim of harassment due to errors they’ve made it’s just as easy to find the persecutors blunders. We’re all human and we all err.

The real evil and where the greatest secrets are, is the secrets which the powerful want to hide. What do they not want us to know and what if we knew it? Maybe you’re told to protect your privacy so those who really have the power keep their own from you.

The powerful care more about their dirty secrets
than they care about my toilet habits.

…but I care about THEIR secrets! [click to continue…]


I’m okay… Why worry about the rest?

Coffee BusinessWe live with a contradiction in our life of being independent from everything else, separated and individual, if not alone. But the reality is we’re completely interconnected with everything on the planet and the universe. It’s only when we step back and see the world as a whole we start to grasp how we are but one part of a giant ecosystem.

Or you can take the time to look at something small, say your morning Café Latté. And follow the course of events that’s lead it to being the heart starter, conversation enhancer of your life.

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Walking the good and right path.

Sometimes we have to go against the grain of popular opinion, simply because it’s wrong. Everything deserves respect and despite some attitudes to the contrary it’s always worth remember these words from Martin Luther King in 1963.

Martin Luther King Maladjusted

Some audio of the speech.


This is your life and it’s your choice to notice.

This is water. David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace

Your life and every moment of it can be filtered as you choose. How do you want to look at those around you, the situations you find them and yourself in.

This abridged video version of the commencement speech by author David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College from 2005 is a great introduction to the longer full audio version below.

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The false memories in critical situations.

Frank Carrillo Free

20 years because of false memories.

In this TED video Scott Fraser uses examples of something we’re all doing every minute, of every day. Creating false memories! And in this case, create a miscarriage of justice.

Could you be sure of your memory to make a life changing decision?

As mentioned in the video, there have been to date 250 – 280 documented cases of wrongful conviction in the US, which have been now exonerated, some from death row and 75% of all those only included eye-witness identification. [click to continue…]


The Overview Effect

Maybe we need to see the world differently to have any affect on it.

Accepting we live on a spaceship called Earth

Looking differently at home.

…and to do that we need to look in a different way.

Since this famous Apollo 8 image showing the whole Earth in one frame we’ve started to see the world as it really is, and said by Bucky Fuller – Spaceship Earth.

Unfortunately however for those of us down here, we’re so enmeshed with our home planet it’s difficult for us to stand back and see it as a single ecosystem. Maybe Gaia Theory has a lot to reinforce it when we see our home planet as a single ‘organism’. [click to continue…]


ASMR – Fascinating but beyond my comprehension.

Ever get that feeling that you’re not getting through to someone? They’re just not understanding you? Isn’t it obvious? Well no, not always.

Whispering breeze & tinkle of beads.

Whispering breeze & tinkle of beads.

Okay here’s the obligatory, obvious statement… “Everyone sees the world differently”, depending on the multitude of factors which have made them up. It’s easy enough to ‘get it’ that we’re different when it comes to cultural or societal conditioning. We understand the type of change in our understanding as we’ve grown and matured from one part of out life to the next. It’s called experience and education but we don’t change the way we fundamentally think. How we think seems to be at our core personality and seems locked for life and if we can’t see change in us, it’s too easy to believe our way of thinking is the same as everyone’s. What we’re only just starting to really get a grip on is the different ways in which mentally stable people think and perceive the world.

The new lands of the whisperers.

Recently while on #HumanBrochure in Canberra I meet some YouTubers who bemused me. Videos of young women showing their morning make-up routine or what they’ve been doing in their daily life, like unpacking their shopping. [click to continue…]


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