It’s the Question not the Answer.

A box full of questions.

We constantly search for the answers to the big questions but all too often that’s were we think questioning ends. Unfortunately this is also the point where vested interest, tradition and dogma starts. With a critical mind it’s important to hold all answers gently and drop them at a moments notice, to move onto a new paradigm of perceived reality.

I found this insightful comic on Mused via Comics That Have Something to Say as a way of looking at the validity of an answer as only something special within the current world view, keeping the answer open to change and taking away nothing from the value of the question. Sometimes even to provoke a deeper answer.

Enjoy 🙂

Mused-park-01 Mused-park-02 Mused-park-03 Mused-park-04 Mused-park-05 Mused-park-06 Mused-park-07 Mused-park-08 Mused-park-09 Mused-park-10 Mused-park-11 Mused-park-12 Mused-park-13 Mused-park-14 Mused-park-15 Mused-park-16 Mused-park-17


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