Scam World shows how you Loose Everything on a Dream.

I thought something was wrong!

I’d spent years looking for income to support my passion for podcasting and followed many of the best and brightest internet marketing specialists to learn the skills I needed. Sure, I could see there were some scammers out there but there was also great information to help me share what I know. Simple things like how to write well to entertain and get attention. I have my personal ethics and won’t vary from that path so I was distilling the best I could find to help me.

BuyNow, I was aware of some dodgy dealings in the world of internet marketing so I needed a measure of credibility for marketers. Who were their successes? If some were Mums and Dads just wanting to share what they know and help out the world while having a home based business, this would be a marketer worthy of some respect. However if it’s all hype (and we can check now in this age of Google), and no real success as they promise then there is something wrong. This is where I saw the cracks developing and I’ll write much more on this later.

What really blew the door right open was this video…

I’ve seen the tactics shown here in what I’ve been following and this has shown how the whole scam comes together. From this I realised some of the people I followed had colluded to reinforce each other only to strip mine the masses for their own benefits.

Fortunately I used the model of learning by watching. They all use the same systems they are selling and if you follow them long enough it’s easy enough to deduce how it all comes about. Amongst all this there is some valuable information but there is a lot of dross which needs to be tossed as it’s just plain unethical.

There is a very long article to accompany this video at The Verge if you want to dig a lot deeper into the grubby underbelly of the Internet Marketing Snake Oil Salesman.

The real question is…
What is it about us and our society that enables these grubs to manipulate us?

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