Seeing beyond our Reality into the Impossible

Just imagine if you could perceive more of reality.

Bees can see into the ultraviolet and snakes the infrared but we can only see the colours of the rainbow. And for some of us we can’t even see all of those colours. Imagine if you could perceive more of the world you’re immersed but oblivious to.

The human eye can’t see beyond these limits but here’s Neil Harbisson who’s someone who can perceive colours beyond the limits of normal human senses. Being completely colour deficient Neil is augmented, to hear colours and is extending his range well beyond what we can see into the realms of science fiction. It’s one way of getting around some of the issues of qualia by moving input of one sense to another.

Here is a worthwhile impromptu conversation with Neil by Julian Treasure sharing some of the more interesting aspects of audio relating to colour and the world around us.

But best of all Neil is known for his TED talk.

Being someone colour deficient I find this particularly interesting but it also cracks open the whole idea of augmenting ourselves with technology to perceive more of the world around us beyond what we are naturally endowed with.

Would you augment yourself with technology?

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