Seeing is Believing – Not!

I don’t believe anything I don’t see for myself!

“You can tell me what you like but I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes”, is what most people think. Sure, a story may or may not be believable, so you have good reason to doubt and seeing it for yourself is one way to tell reality. Maybe!

Seeing it is the reality of knowing it. Sensing makes things real in your life and until then all knowledge is based on what other people share and a certain level of trust of what they know they’re talking about and that is based on your respect of them.

Shade Illusion

Different colour? – Cover the centre.

You most probably haven’t been to space but you have some understanding of it from what others have shared with in text, video and possible even in first hand conversations. You trust their opinion and credibility so you take their word for the actual experiences of what it’s like to be in weightlessness looking back at the Earth – But it could all be a lie. One giant conspiracy to fool you. How would you possible know?

So it’s necessary to experience everything for yourself to be 100% sure of its truth – Really?

How much of reality do you perceive?

Take vision as an example. You have human sight in the visible light frequencies bounded from violet to red. Above, below and including what is visible is the electromagnetic spectrum, a vast range from gamma rays to radio waves and the visible is one small part of the spectrum and all you can see.

Light spectrum

Reality is more than we can see.

The reality is when you step out into the day there is a whole range of electromagnetic events happening around you which you’re unaware of. Some will sunburn you (ultraviolet) and some will change channels on your television (infrared) and some will pass right through you (x-rays) or carry your voice on a phone call (radio waves). This is the reality of the world around you and you can’t see it. It’s utterly indiscernible to you but it’s real, so, Seeing can’t know reality. None of your sensors can know everything.

Freedom Fighter Chi

Terrorist or freedom fighter?

The same can also be said for the everyday events in your life. The filters of your limited abilities prevent you from seeing the reality of each and every situation. Not just vision, all you senses have limits to be aware of everything but also your cultural perceptions filter the way you see the world.

As is often said,

“One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.”

It’s all a matter of perception.

Every experience and opinion we have is filtered by our physical sensors & mental capabilities, judged by our cultural conditioning, so we can only ever perceive a tiny part of what’s really occurring and even then, we’re not sure how real it is.

It opens up the question of… What is Reality?

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