This is Water – David Foster Wallace.

This is your life and it’s your choice to notice.

This is water. David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace

Your life and every moment of it can be filtered as you choose. How do you want to look at those around you, the situations you find them and yourself in.

This abridged video version of the commencement speech by author David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College from 2005 is a great introduction to the longer full audio version below.

The issue with opinion, whether it is about yourself or anything else, is you will never have all the information and maybe, just maybe there is a lot of room for compassion in your life and that will make everyone’s  life much better.

Awareness of what’s around you without judgement is real freedom or you can have the rat race of unconsciousness.

The full length audio…

…and Part Two.

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  • Rob Being 27 May, 2013, 7:49 AM

    The introductory story about the two young fish and the old fish asking about how is the “water” – alludes to the danger of certainty, and surety especially in our thinking that things as are they appear to be!

    It also reminds me of Alan Watts saying “The word water does not get you wet!”

    A great post and a great advice from David .. wake up and stay awake if you can .. do you have a choice …. thats another story


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