Using Art to Share the Wonder of Science

Somethings are so very hard to express.

It’s easy to share some things – Look over here and see the wonder of a sunset. “Ahhhh, yes, it’s beautiful.” *Insert gentle melody played on strings*

Other things are not so easy – Look at the wonder of that star, third from the right as it moves into it’s later stages of existence and start to burn metals. “Eh? What? It’s just a star!” 🙁

Sharing the wonder of science.

The problem… The most important problem for the sciences, above everything else, is how to communicate immensely complicated topics and concepts without turning the audience against you. From the days of Pythagorus and Copernicus this has been the issue but occasionally some very cleaver people involve artists in the task of getting across some of the concepts that normally need a PhD to start to feel it’s wonder.


This isn’t about the deep, literal understanding but more about grasping the emotions of those incredibly complex topics. And for most of us, that’s all we want. To be impressed with the good work which is going on and then to leave the Boffins to get on with what they’re doing.

Go on Boffins, do what you do, but please use the artists to share the wonder, so we to can understand how amazing our universe is.

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