Wake up!

Or are you already awake?

Yes, I know this is taken straight out of The Matrix but maybe the success of the film had a lot to do with how much of it resonated with people. Is this how the modern world feels to you?

Now, I’m not saying there is an active  conspiracy as is suggested in here, I honestly don’t know. Maybe the lifestyle we’ve bought into is just the slow evolution as we’ve developed through the phases of civilisation. However what I do find interesting is how most people, in one way or other feel this could be the case. We don’t feel in control of our lives and we feel trapped into a lifestyle which is the topics mentioned here.

If we want out, how would we do that? These style of videos talk of rebellion against the status quo but are there alternatives? These are the topics we’ll be exploring on this site.

Have you unplugged or do you accept things as they are and simply enjoy the ride, happy with the status quo?

Then if you want to go to another level…

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  • Sandra 7 April, 2013, 7:56 PM

    But what does unplugged actually mean? There’s always been a lot of talk but there never seems to be any true undertanding or movement forward

    • Ian 7 April, 2013, 8:04 PM

      What an insightful question Sandra. 🙂
      I could, and will make a mention to my opinion of what ‘unplugged’ means but I’m more interested in what it means to others, maybe even you…

      If you feel controlled, how would you unplug???

  • Rob Being 28 May, 2013, 4:28 AM

    Hi Ian
    Just watched a TEd talk and came back to your site clicked on your FREEWILL Tag so I could share this talk with your readers – it is so relevant to understanding the sense of I and WE. Hope you have time to watch


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