Well Bugger! – Dealing with Unexpected Disasters.

Testing how well you accept the moment.



There you are in the kitchen, just washed your hands in the sink, wet and slippery. Open the fridge door, reach down for a bottle and as you lift it you feeeel it slip through your fingers… Time sloooows dooown. The last you know of it and it’s chilled glassy goodness is as the lid leaves your fingertips. NOOOOoooooooo! Then in slow motion it hits the floor, smashing into a bizillion pieces, scattering shattered glass across the room and spilling the contents everywhere.


Well Bugger me!

For most people, as the bottle hits the floor, it’s F*#k, S#@t or some expletive to express their displeasure. Determined to rally against the unfairness of life.

Sorry folks, life’s unfair and sometimes things just don’t go as you’d like.

Ideally when the bottle smashes on the floor, without a blink you turn and clean up the mess, then return to whatever you were doing without your heart-rate rising or any extra angst in your day. But just maybe, as yet, you’re not a Zen master. That’s okay there are ways to help you get to that state and it’s all about the above ad.

What I love about ‘Bugger‘, is how it expresses surprise of the changed circumstances but instantly also accepts the new reality. It is a vocal reinforcement of the change and affirmation of having to deal with the consequences.

**Bugger is a colloquial term often used in Australia & New Zealand and I’m doing all I can to spread its use as a humorous way of accepting changes in life.

Acceptance – It’s a little game I play, to test myself.

It’s easy to philosophise what to do when things go wrong but it’s when you’re broad-sided by the unexpected that the real test occurs.  Can you remain calm and collected without missing a beat even when it all goes south?

In one moment the expectation is of pouring a cool refreshing drink, in the next it’s all changed. Why fight the moment. You’re not going to have that drink, *insert cliché*, “You can’t cry over spilt milk”. The new reality is, you’ll be cleaning up a mess.

Without missing a beat, in your real, everyday life can you just turn and start cleaning up?

And if you need to expel a little energy to help express acceptance… well, Bugger!

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  • Chrissy 26 March, 2013, 11:43 AM

    I love this philosophy, Ian. I’m definitely going to start employing “bugger” into my life. It will take some practise as “bugger” isn’t part of the American colloquialisms that I learned growing up. I do believe in two keys to peace in this life: acceptance and gratitude. “Bugger” is clearly an excellent tool to refine and reinforce the former!

  • Jaye 5 April, 2013, 6:09 AM

    Similar to Eckhart Tolle’s, “saying hello to what is” (Power of Now etc.) Most of his books and talks are easily available on audiobooks etc.

    (Chrissy, glad to see you and Cameron are still zoomin’ around interspace. Fantastic….)


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