Wisdom & Humour of Oneness.

I was listening to some audio on SoundCloud and came across these two poignant audio pieces which both struck and cord and put a smile on my face. Alan Watts’ Piece is just profound with it’s simplicity and the Bill Hicks’ piece is amusing but I found both striking a cord of similar philosophy.

Consider this as you listen.

  • Every atom in your body was once part of something else, air, plant, animal or mineral.
  • Every part of your body is replaced from days to years with new molecules through you consumption of air, drink and food.
  • Every element in your body has been part of the universe for eons almost beyond comprehension.
  • You are literally made of and are a small part of The Universe.

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  • rob 13 April, 2013, 3:02 AM

    When I speak with younger people I often say did you watch “The Wonders of The Universe” series. I then ask them if know where stars come from and what we are made of star dust, starlight, as are all the elements and molecules in us.

    I then I say so you see “You too are a Wonder of the Universe!”

    Always like Alan Watts especially the “Peopling Cartoon” on You Tube


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