It’s even worse than you ever believed.

You think you’re a lot better off than you are = Complacency.

A new video has come online and gone viral not because it’s another cat drinking from a toilet but it’s shown us we’re wrong. And if we’re wrong, well maybe it’s time to stop being som so damn happy with what we actually don’t have.

We all know the US financial equality is a mix of the poor to the wealthy with the middle class, well, between them. (That’s why they’re called the middle class!) We also know this is currently not the ideal balance of these situations so is probably a little worse. But as the video shows, YOU’RE WRONG.

Oh, how wrong you are!

Guess what? You’re not just a little wrong but a LOT! This shows you the power of the system which is manipulating all of us.

Maybe your perception is everything is not ideal but good enough. Guess what people, it’s far worse than it appears and the numbers show the reality. But maybe you’re thinking I’m okay. What’s the issue?

They’re out to get you too.

This system has been evolving for decades and for most of the time everyone was feeling just fine, if not wonderful. Life was easy and everyone was doing well (almost everyone), and during that time of complacency it all started to slip away until you’re now sitting there in the situation we see above.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to still feel okay today, don’t worry the graph is still moving and it will be reaching you soon.

Have you noticed the slow slip in your life?

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