Is your Red, Bitter, Sting the same as my Green, Sweet, Tickle?

We’re all alone in here.

Is red really red

Is your red the same as mine?

Think of some experiences from your life, you know the ones, we all have them.
The everyday events like the smell of freshly washed hair…
The sights of full green growth on a tree against a brilliant blue background sky…
The eye watering pain as you snap your ankle when you fall over a curb while texting…
Those sort of experiences.
These are the experiences of life which you could easily mistaken for as being identical to everyone else’s experiences in the same situation. They’re not. You’re falling into the cognitive pitfall of Theory of Mind especially The Illusion of Transparency where we all think everyone else is aware of the same things as us.

Let’s try to share colour…

Colour is one of the most obvious and as your humble scribe knows too well, being colour deficient means I see the world different to you but there is no way of sharing what my experience is. And neither is it possible for you to share your experiences of qualia.

Just try it

Try to explain colour without using colours as a reference. Or taste without referencing other taste sensations. Surely the people with ASMR are having some experience that most of us are unaware of but how do they explain it to us?

Not only is this applicable to our physical sensations but also to all matter of personal and societal opinions. It’s said that if we take the time to really get to know someone we will have a more balanced opinion once we know their backstory. And that as a whole would create a less judgemental society for all of us to live in.

After all, none of us really knows what anyone else is experiencing.

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